Intuitive. Collaborative. Creative. Eventive.

Your company is planning an event. You’ve chosen to work with Eventive. Good call. Because we’re not your typical event agency. Instead, we bring an array of
one-of-a-kind talents and unexpected ideas to create your event.

A wealth of experience

Our secret weapon! Our experience. Been-there,
done-that wins every time. Experience saves time and money. It tells us what works and what won’t. It helps us orchestrate a perfect, unforgettable event that will reinforce your message to your targeted audience.

Your success means the world to us

Our global and domestic connections are another Eventive advantage. Our people and trusted partners have staged successful events all around the world. They speak multiple languages and understand a variety of foreign cultures which is handy when working around the world and in our own backyard.

No two are ever alike

Your company has its own identity. Its own culture and personality. So why should it have the same old
cookie-cutter meeting as everyone else? Uniqueness is what sets us apart. We create every event from scratch, ensuring your custom-made experience meets all your specific needs and stands as something you can call your own.

Strategy is more than just a clever marketing plan

We do strategy old-school. We talk, we listen, we get to know you. We find out about your business, your company, your project. Learning what you need and defining what you aim to achieve. Then we start thinking — analyzing the best way to reach and connect with your audience.


Amanda Stewart


Darryl Wheeler

Account Director

Alison Fortier

Senior Product Planner

Fiona Nunes

Senior Program Manager

Yves-Line Brunache

Program Manager

Melina Peridis

Senior Program Manager

Andrea Stewart

Program Coordinator

Graciela Spence

Program Coordinator


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