• Banff is a resort town located in Banff National Park and is famous for its vibrant lakes, majestic mountains and easy access to outdoor adventures of all kinds. Add in château-style hotels, boutiques, authentic Canadian eats, a vibrant arts and culture scene, for an unforgettable Canadian Rocky experience.
  • The park spans 6,641 square kilometres (2,564 square miles) of striking mountainous terrain in the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.
  • The surrounding 6,500 square kilometres of parkland are home to wildlife including elk and grizzly bears.
  • Enjoy world class skiing, snowboarding, tubing, dog sledding, ice skating and the spa are all part of the many activities in Banff.
  • Canada’s first national park and the world’s third, it has a rich heritage as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain destinations.
  • Experience the Columbia Icefield- one of the largest non-polar icefields in the world – step on to the glacier or view it from the Icefield Skywalk.
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