How An Effective Program Agenda Can Make Or Break Your Next Event

A significant investment is made in time and dollars in creating an event, whether it is a conference, national sales meeting, a reward and recognition trip, a gala or networking event. Connecting and engaging your audience is essential to the event’s success. A well-rounded program agenda, developed with the audience as the focus, will create a successful event, achieve your objectives and reap the benefits of the investment.

For successful meeting planners, the process of building the program agenda begins by asking some key questions:

What is the strategic business objective in hosting this event?

Who is the audience?

What is in it for audience?

If a participant had to pay to attend this event, would they?

An agenda needs to be designed with the audience in mind. A thorough needs assessment has to be completed before proposing a solution or specific services. What is the audience hoping to learn and hear, and what drives and motivates them? How does this align with the strategic business objective?

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