How We Gave Back

“We make a Living by what we get. We make a Life by what we Give”

Winston Churchill

This sense of caring plays an important role in today’s corporate culture. By giving back to the communities that we are visiting, we are able to lend a helping hand and bring people of all backgrounds, ages and interests together.

At Eventive Marketing, CSR has come to play an important part of the events we manage. Our team is deeply invested in the project to ensure that we meet our client’s needs, as well as, the needs of the community we are supporting.

In developing a CSR program, we must first take into consideration the impact we bring to the communities we visit and how our initiative will influence these communities now and in the future. As CSR events become more popular, the schools around the resorts we visit are being inundated with “gifts” from the wealthy tourist. These children are now expecting to receive a “cool brand name” knapsack, or a branded pair of sneakers. These are items their parents could never afford to give to their child, and when they outgrow that pair of sneakers then what?

It is imperative that the MICE world takes this into consideration as we create CSR events in 3rd world countries. Let’s keep in mind how our good deeds can impact the communities and give them sustainable resources for the future. Instead of just donating items, what if we invested in the learning development of these children? Do they have connectivity to the outside world, how can we help them learn more skills, teach them about recycling or use the resources they have to help stop the cycle of poverty, or how can we help some of the more remote communities in the country we are visiting?

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important addition to our events, however let’s make sure we are making a long-term impact that the community themselves can foster long after we depart.

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