Motivating Millennials

By 2020, Generation Z will make up 35% of the global workforce.  As  this  shift  in demographics takes place, from Boomers to Millennials, we need to consider the following when planning events:

  • How do we bridge the gap?
  • How do we communicate and engage with everyone in the audience ?
  • How do we bring value to our clients to make sure we have met the objectives of the event?

As the millennial generation begins to take over the workforce, Eventive has started to move forward with more innovative, personal and memorable experiences that have proven to motivate millennials.



CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility is also another area that we have been focusing on, instead of the regular teambuilding of sand castles or beach Olympics. CSR brings a sense of purpose, and collaboration to the team.

We all recognize how important it is to give back to those less fortunate and being socially responsible resonates with Millennials as well as all generations. The best part about all these events is that they are rewarding, exciting and engaging. Participants can tweet, text, blog and brag about the event.

This drives sales and motivates your employees – and is a huge Retention and Motivational factor!



Giving participants a choice of a local gift, or personal item, instead of another golf shirt that everyone gets will make a difference!

At a number of our events, Eventive incorporates a gifting boutique where guests can choose from a variety of personal gifts. They can take the item or have it shipped back and not have to worry about the hassle of getting it home. This is a new service we have added, and it has been extremely successful. Customization is important because what is exciting to one may not be exciting to another, allowing you to cater to individual tastes and interests that everyone will appreciate and remember – also motivating their peers who didn’t make the trip.


Finding a location for a National Sales Meeting or a Firm Retreat is not only about finding the right size ballroom and breakout rooms, but you also need to consider important social spaces for networking and interactive workshops. Face-to-face networking is always an important feature of an event. Networking events and award galas offer millennials the sought-after recognition from their company while providing them with the opportunity to rub shoulders with their colleagues and senior management outside of your formal work environment.

Not only do these social spaces offer a great opportunity to engage your attendees, but it will also build and improve your company culture and support employee loyalty. A great experience will never be forgotten, especially when shared on social media!




The Millennial generation is more educated in health and wellness than ever. In the era of standing desks, juice cleanses and fitness bootcamps, incorporating a wellness break with an activity like yoga, can offer your attendees an opportunity to stretch out their legs and reset their minds. The connection between mind and body is an important element to remember. Not only will this be appreciated by your audience, but it will also be a memorable feature of your next meeting.


Motivating Millennials is a key retention factor. An Incentive Travel program rewards and recognizes a company’s top performers. Millennials want that recognition and they want to have the opportunity to network with top executives in an informal setting. Who doesn’t enjoy an all-expenses paid vacation for their outstanding performance? Evidence shows the trend of incentive travel has steered towards unique, diverse experiences instead of the traditional week long sun destination trip offered to previous generations. It’s all about keeping those short attention-spans engaged and offering experiences that they could not do on their own.



In designing an Incentive Program we manage the budget so that we can include some exceptional experiences, such as renting a castle in Europe for an exclusive Gala event, or being driven along the Cascais coast in a period VW with the top down, or mountain biking in an ancient forest to find a hidden monastery tucked away in the mountain. This will keep them talking about the trip for years to come.

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