The Opportunity for Virtual Events Among the Chaos

When was the last time you had a chance to simply re-evaluate how you do things? There has never been a greater time for re-invention.

While anxiety remains high, we need to stay calm and carry on. This is the time to relook and re-evaluate your events.  How can we continue to do business in a world where we need to be socially distanced, at least in the short term? There are technology solutions that can solve some of these challenges, and virtual events can provide the right solution.

The technology to support a virtual event has been around for years.  Our job as an event management company, is to determine how we can use these technical tools and create the right technology platform to help our clients communicate effectively with their audience and drive their business forward.

It starts with the content. Why would your audience attend this event? What do you want them to do, to think, or feel? A needs assessment must be done so you can prioritize the key content, the takeaways, and craft an agenda that best suits your needs and the needs of the audience.

The next step is to choose the right platform to support the needs assessment. There are many components of technology that need to be blended together to communicate with the audience and create an impactful Virtual Event. It isn’t just another zoom meeting!

In our connected world, we are constantly competing for our audience’s attention. There are so many pitfalls that we see time and time again, that you want to avoid. Your speakers need to be rehearsed so they understand the technology they are working with, allowing them to be focused on presenting, not on the technology. And yes, they need to comb their hair and not be wearing their pajamas! The same goes for your audience. Have you communicated the meeting etiquette… video on/off, sound muted, how do they ask questions during session? All of these elements are very important to create a professional Virtual Event.

Our rapidly changing world means we must be responsive and able to pivot to meet the changing needs of our new environment. Virtual Event platforms can deliver on your strategic objectives and ensure high impact outcomes.

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