When The Weather Takes A Turn!

It was a clear blue sky, no rain in the forecast. All suppliers confirmed that the weather would be terrific for the Welcome Event. The set-up proceeded which consisted of tables, chairs, lights, stage, décor, band sound check. Then at 5pm, just 2 hours prior to start time, the clouds started to roll in. At first it was just the clouds…not a problem, the winds were blowing in the right direction to move the clouds along….then came the first droplet of rain! Quick thinking, it is only a sprinkle, let’s cover the table settings with garbage bags. Then in a matter of minutes, the wind picked up, changed direction and the rain, not just sprinkles, came teaming down!

The best laid plans were thwarted! All hands on deck…everyone pitched in, hotel, DMC, Eventive staff. We had one hour to reset the entire evening in the hotel’s restaurant for 220 people.

Table cloths were saved as they were placed in plastic bags, staff quickly reset tables, moved tables, took out chairs, replaced them with decorative chairs, centrepieces were reassembled, tables were laid, gifting items and tables were setup, the band struck and reset! All within one hour…. a themed Tropical evening was reinvented!

That’s what happens when you have a great team and everyone collaborates and works together. The questions asked were “what can I do to help”? From the seeming chaos of people moving and fixing, as a team, we recreated an evening to remember! Thank you to the JW Marriott, Premio Incentives and the Eventive Team!! What a great experience, one for the record books.

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